Happy Holidays!

Dear readers,

I hope this holiday season and the New Year bring you great memories, lots of laughs, and endless possibilities.

2017 will truly go down as an insane, difficult, eventful year, but I have been so incredibly blessed by the feedback and reactions to sharing my story that I will also remember 2017 as an incredibly important year in my life.  This monumental event has allowed me to share with you all and be a friend in your time of need as well.  I love the friendship and understanding I have built with several of you.

As we look to 2018, know this… You are strong, you are special and you are worthy.

Perhaps you are considering a New Year Resolution, so allow me to share mine.

In 2018, I will wake up and live every day with intention and passion.  I will surround myself with the people who truly love me.  I will not allow myself to become discouraged or stressed about temporary things.  Above all, I will continue to be happy.

This journey has allowed me to find myself, learn myself, appreciate myself, and improve myself constantly.  I will continue this journey into 2018 and beyond.

It’s empowering to be content by yourself.

I’m truly well on my way to finding the “I” in divorce and I hope the same for you.

Happy Holidays all!  I will see you right here in the new year…


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